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It is used in various fields such as cosmetic surgery, coatings, edible containers, electronics and semiconductors

Longyu Chemical--chemical reagentmanufacturer

A comprehensive enterprise integrating production, sales and distribution

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10 years of focus on peroxide/additives/raw materials

Develop a full set of standards and grasp the details!

Longyu Chemical National Service Hotline: 13337792266/18102775158


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  • Founded in 2014, it is a company that mainly sells organic hydrogen peroxide, additives, tert-butyl hydroperoxide, and basic chemicals, ,covering an area of 10,000 square meters! powerful!
  • Hasan independent R&D team,strictly controls service quality, and hasa variety of product formulas!


  • The company has several professional researchers and commissioning supervisors, and has the ability to undertake major projects and meet the requirements of various industries for transportation in specific environments.
  • Stable quality, variety of products


  • Since its establishment, it hascontinued to grow and develop, professional logistics and delivery, direct freight, safety and security!
  • The management concept of sufficient inventory, fast delivery, and service for customers


  • From pre-sale product production, in-sale product customization, and flexible supply, to after-sale logistics distribution and solution provision,one-stop service for customers saves costs and is more efficient.
  • Diversified operations to maximize customer satisfaction!

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Taizhou Longyu Chemical Co., Ltd

Taizhou Longyu Chemical Co., Ltd. is a modern private enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of chemical solvents. The company has a superior geographical location, and has several large-scale special-purpose transport tankers and dangerous goods transport vehicles. It has the ability to transport hundreds of tons at one time, ensuring fast and timely supply of products required by customers. The supply of raw materials is timely and sufficient, the technical strength is advanced and strong, the high-quality management personnel, and the perfect quality assurance system have won the trust of our customers with their excellent quality and professional services.

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